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Types of Pay per click affiliate program and Their Functions

Pay per click affiliate program is one of the most common programme that is used in monetizing a website. Various affiliate networks help a webmaster in placing of advertisement on the pages of the website so that one can be able to benefit from the traffic of the web.

Pay per click affiliate program has gained so much momentum in this recent time and if one joins the program one is assured of great success. The principal that is normally offered by the pay per click affiliate program is simple traffic. There are many types of pay per click affiliate programs but there are some pay per click affiliate programs as an affiliate he must join.

Query Ads: This type of affiliate program offer the highest pay per click rates. The payment options are convenient and the percentage that they offer is also very good. The reason as to why this program rewards one a lifetime commission is when a new publisher or advertiser comes through your link. It is considered as the top in the industry of PPC.

Share sale: This type of pay per click affiliate program is an affiliate program that works with several programs which combine together and the programs are used in making of money pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale programs. Besides that the affiliate recruits and merchants and are paid one dollar for each and every recruit you refer it also pays hundred dollars for each merchant is recruited. Share sale is the best affiliate pay per click programme paying hundred dollars just for recruiting a merchant is not a joke and this is the reason as to why merchants and the affiliates adore this site.

Affiliate Fuel: This is a pay per click affiliate program that focuses mainly on pay per lead and also pay per lead programs. If one has a website and wants to make some good money online then this is the best affiliate program to join. By introducing other associates to the affiliate fuel one earns some money. For every affiliate that you sign up you will get two dollars. There is no doubt that one can deny that affiliate fuel is a very professional affiliate program and their customer support can be described as the best while the checks are sent every month.

Lava place: This is another pay per click affiliate program that is free to join and so easy to sign up and there is no knowledge that is required to join. How the affiliate programs works is professional. For a click on your link your account is given a commission. For every visitor who visits the website one is credited one dollar. It operates within 24 hrs so one can be able to access the sales, account balance and also the traffic.

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