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Types of Pay Per click affiliate Structures

Pay per click affiliate can be defined as an internet advertising model that is mainly used by different type of websites. Pay per click affiliate which is also known as PPC is a type of affiliate marketing strategy that was put in place by search engines and different types of affiliate networks.

Advertisers usually pay their host when their ad is clicked by browsers. Content sites usually charge a fixed per click rather than relying the bidding system. Affiliate revenue and the payments are usually set in different ways. What depends is the type of product and the service that the merchant is offering. There are three payment structures that are normally used in pay per click affiliate and they are: pay per sale, pay per click and pay per lead.

Pay per lead

Pay per lead is done by tracking on how many qualified customers or leads that visit a merchant. Credit card companies usually rely on this method because customers apply for credits online. The applicant can also be denied the card but the company will pay affiliates for applicants or leads. Pay per lead works very well with merchants who have customers and don't purchase a product but they usually sign up for the service.

Pay Per click

Pay per click cannot be compared to pay per lead because pay per click pays in small amount. Affiliates are normally paid for visitors who visit the site and have a good pay per click structure. Affiliates that have very high traffic on Google affiliate pay per click is profitable to them a lot. This method cannot be good for websites that receives low traffic.

Pay Per sale

Pay per sale is good for websites that receive very low traffic and also it is beneficial for sites that receive very high traffic and are payed as a percentage. The best pay per click affiliates are: Google, Yahoo, Adwords and Microsoft.

There are two types of models that are used in determining the cost per click: the flat rate and the bid based. In the two cases the advertiser usually considers the potential value of the click from a source. Some of the advantages of using the pay per click affiliate is that it is very easy to maintain, it give results within a very short period of time, people usually generate traffic for you, it is the secret to attract very high traffic and also quality traffic.

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