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Google money software

Some people say that the Google money software is not as good as their previous product, when website owner and blog owners used the Google Adsense and Google Adword , I guess they made a lot out of it, when Google money came out they taught they could really make fortune out of it since it has the word money in it, but most people complained bitterly, whereas the trick was to deceive people that they are making money from Google, but the case is not like that because you make a little money from Google and they make most of the money from you the masses.

A software was sold naming it make money from Google as easy as 1, 2, 3 and the rate at which people jump on it, some people made what they want and some didn't may be because they are just getting used to online business or they just didn't use it appropriately, I also know one thing for such that most people that buys thins like this don't take their time to read the terms and condition, this could lead to serious failure in anything you do.

The software is been sold for $1.95 and some people said that after buying this software, they ran the CD and it was used for three weeks instead of her account balance to be increasing it is reducing, $309 dollars was deducted from her accounted which there was no explanation for it both her initial amount and her deducted money none of it was refunded to her and she has decided to wait for their response whenever it comes.

But this is a typical example of what you get when you don't read the terms and follow instructions as given to you by the company. And the next thing for you is to called them scam. Whereas some people buy it and they are making their money a man made $185.00 in just two days and a woman lost $309 in three weeks.

But the trick there is that after you enter your credit card info call the number you see on the terms and condition though they might put you on hold but it's worth it, then you will also call the card company if incase you are using a real card tell them not to authorize any payments to any company, tell them you are expecting a scam. Just remember to receive your cancellation code from the customer service rep that cancelled the subscription for you.

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