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Email Affiliate Program

Whether someone runs a business website or a hobby website, there can really be a great way of making extra money from websites through an email affiliate program; they can lend some web space to this type of program for commission. In an email affiliate program commissions are been paid for placing ads on websites. Each time the person clicks on the ad and also make purchase, the member will receive a set rate of percent of the profits. If you run a popular website you could potentially make several hundreds of dollars in a month through this type of system.

There are many email affiliates that render these services for both individual and businesses but selecting one that is reputable and treats affiliates fairly is very important.

The companies that offer programs will host website and also provide email services to their client, some also offer other services such as online marketing and domain names. There are so many companies that offer numerous email affiliate programs; ranging from major department stores to drug companies. The major benefit of being part of a web hosting affiliate program is that these program are so popular and the popularity makes it cheaper.

It is very important to know that email affiliate services will expect the individual to place adverts on a particular place o the website and in a visible spot. And also the interested client would want to work with a company that will have multiple banner adverts to choose from.

Commission rates always vary from program to program with the average email hosting affiliate, the rate may not be as much as 22% of each sale that is brought in by the individual site. Other companies offer less or set a flat rate per sale or per product sold; still some offer only on the percentage on a product. And you could still get other email affiliate program that offer two-tier programs which pay on percentage of sales made by new affiliates that have been recruited. All ends to that different email affiliates and different prices some pay weekly while some pay monthly or even quarterly.

It is easy to participate in such a program after you have selected the company that best suite your needs, the individual must simply provide them with their contact information, usually in an online situation. They will request for some personal data like your name, address, phone number, company name, and most importantly web address for the website that utilize the service.

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