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General Health Men’s Health Women’s Health Anti Aging

web hosting affiliate program

Have you tried our web hosting affiliate program I don't think so because we are a very important figure when it comes to web hosting affiliates, our services are been tracked using cookies that will not expire in the next ten years. So even if you referred a client to our site and they don't purchase immediately, and they finally purchase at a later date, you will still be credited with the commission, we also provide IP tracking systems, which is very useful and further ensure those that you refer are tagged with your details,

Our web hosting affiliate has one of the best pay solutions. We pay by the 15th of the next month for referrals, up until the 1st of the current month, where the account of client would have been open for a month.

Our web hosting affiliate also provides you with best professional and eye catching, fast loading and original banners designs, text links are also available. We could also offer you coupon codes for discount so that you can give to your visitors, members and subscribers.

How do you register?

Registration is easy; all you have to do is to click on the signup page on our web hosting affiliate program, immediately you get a confirmation message which is going to contain username and a password. This detail is your access to our affiliate area. And there you will see a wide variety of banners, buttons, text links and other marketing materials, plus guide on how to use them. Refer other webmaster to our web hosting affiliate program and you can just guess the incredible commissions on their sales under our second tier program. If any client that was referred to you also refers clients to us then you also financially benefit from it.

Our web hosting affiliate was able to give you all this because we do what we say, we get feedbacks from our clients and then act on them, in line with our unshaken vision of environmental sustainability and social change. This method has seen like-minded people from all over the world joining us, not just for our standard but also because they want to be part in the good that we do.

And we want you to succeed, so we are committed to forming a successful partnership with you. That is why we are willing to offer you more than the competition.

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