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Ways of making money with Google

Making money with Google one can easily confuse by saying that it's Google that hires people no it's not Google that hires people. This simply means individuals or webmasters are using Google programmes so that they can make money online. Besides this they are a lot of people who make a lot of money by simply using Google as a main source of generating traffic to their websites.

For one to be able to start making money through Google one must have his own website and it's not difficult as many people would think it's very easy. There are different types of e-books which guide people on how one will be able to set up his own site. Coming up with a website is very easy and cheap.

Many people ask how this process of making money is usually done. One makes money with Google by simply producing different types of clicks for the advertisers and this process happens in two ways and in two places, on Google search engine and on other people's website. Google Adsense is an affiliate program that is used by Google and this program works very well with people who have their own websites and also it allows people to place their ads on the website page. This is done when the visitor clicks on the ad and Google automatically gets paid and Google shares a percentage of that money with the owner of the website.

In order to generate some very good income at the end of the day or month one has to use a very strong affiliate website like Google. Google gets visitors from different sources and not one source what one should focus on is putting the articles on the website and making sure that they are SEO optimized and utilization of keywords is good and people will like your articles and click. By doing this on your website it will show up in Google's search engine and 5 % of the visitors will be clicking on the ad at least daily and you will end up being paid.

There is no doubt that Google is an online affiliate business. The money that they usually make is derived from offering different types of technology to different companies and institutions and from the sale of different advertisements they make money. There are millions and millions of people who use Google to advertise their products and a lot of people have benefited out of this. As long as one follows the terms and conditions of Google then one can start earning money through Google.

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