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Review of Google affiliate and partnership opportunities

The Google affiliate scheme (Google AdSense) offers advertisements place on your webpage via a Google search box or along one side on your website. There is no extra fee to join Google affiliate program, and you can opt out of content search if you desire.

Once you submit the relevant data to Google, there is normally a two to three day turnaround duration (mostly for Google affiliation department to check out and verify your webpage) to be approved. You can finish the contract at any moment.
Even though you receive a percentage of the income that each click on the advertisements or the search box produces, Google affiliation department does not reveal what the percentage is. Over time, as you verify the details in their affiliation reports, which shows the total number of click through rate, total earnings, effective CPM, ad clicks and page impressions, you will be capable to assess its productiveness for you.

Google affiliation also promotes a special referral program, through which you get a flat fee of twenty dollars for each publisher or advertiser you suggest to Google. Checks for the referral scheme and sent out monthly, but only after your total sum hits hundred dollars. Your suggested advertiser must invest twenty dollar or more on their Google AdWord campaign. You can also suggest other webpages to Google affiliate department and earn your percentage once they have earned seventy five dollars or more from clicks in Google AdSense.

The policies and process agreement clearly lays out what kinds of activity you are granted to engage in, but does not go into as much information as some of the smaller PPC search engines do about specific aspects of their principal terms. The fine for breaking the policies is immediate termination of your Google affiliate account. Google goes a little further than other search engines, by stipulating that you not disclose any information of the scheme, such as the technique of tracing URLs, etc., for a full 2 year duration after either you or Google finishes your relationship.

The Google affiliate scheme is quiet simple to understand and use. In spite of the mystery concerning the information of what percentage your commission will be, as the leading PPC search engine, Google is a pioneer in the affiliate marketplace. Nevertheless, you can study how to be productive with this network by discovering a trustworthy resource.

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