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Online affiliate marketing: established strategy and marketing theories

Although it can be argued that online affiliate marketing is an old phenomenon in a constantly transforming online business ambience, it is still a developing and new business region in the sense that media agencies, e-consultants, media, marketers and other professionals in affiliate marketing are only in the way of establishing a tenable level of activities in this specific business part. Additionally, because of natural transformations in online targets, target groups, foci, functionalities, profit margins and needs of communication, each firm is adopting online affiliate marketing in a unique and separate conduct.

Various set-ups of a focused and new online affiliate marketing phenomenon are weighed against both new and established strategy and marketing theories. Without debating for any solid resolutions as to what is wrong and right, this article is verifying how a participant can engage in online affiliate marketing, and what should be considered before becoming active and once active, how to optimize resources.

Online affiliate marketing is a principle depended on new revenue models. Even though the issue with inefficient communication channels is fixed, there is still one basic problem to be considered in order to be profitable in online affiliate marketing- an understanding of internet customers.

A dominant part of the literature on online affiliate marketing still takes as its point of departure this generic conception of the marketing mix. As a short reflection based on the aforementioned possibilities of changing communicative patterns we can see some immediate effects of the internet on the online affiliate marketing mix concept. The factors of the marketing mix should be contributed to the achievement of online affiliate marketing tactics. The factors are really separable and can be planned more or less independently of each other. The effect of the Internet is that the separations amidst these factors are blurred to some extent. An online affiliate marketing website can work as the place, the product and promotion at the same time. This implies that the planning of the marketing mix might no longer be a series of decisions, made in isolation even though they are interrelated, but rather a complex decision situation where one decision might affect most elements of the traditional marketing mix. Another effect is that operational online affiliate marketing has to be entered into the strategic agenda even more than before. New revenue models like online affiliate marketing will in turn affect the roles and activities in the relations between actor sin marketing communication systems.

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